Monday, 4 November 2013

The First Frost

First of all apologies for not writing any text on yesterday's post. I had to upload it from my trusty lay-by further up the lane as the broadband at home was playing up. And it was so cold that my back window had frozen up by the time I had uploaded the blog pictures and my blip and I didn't want to linger in case I froze too. The line returned to normal later in the evening but by that time I was doing other things. However the pictures really convey all there was to say about our visit to Dawyck. It was a beautifully sunny day but very cold and today is much the same. There was a severe frost overnight though, the first of the season. The day started foggy during my dog walk but then cleared up and turned into a gloriously sunny one as you can see above. This picture is taken from the railway bridge next to our house.
 And just look at this almost perfect skeleton of the cow parsley, taken in our garden. I just love it.
Such a day is very good for wood cutting (so I'm told, anyway!) and here are some of the results stacked up in the garden, ready to be cut up further into logs suited to the stove. I managed to persuade John to buy a log cutting machine as I feel that he's doing enough already just cutting up those massive tree trunks that were delivered into more manageable sizes. For once he listened!

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