Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Curtain of Light

The light today was out of this world even though it was in it. The day started misty and the above picture was taken during the dog walk.
But by the time we drove to Peebles the sun had started to make an appearance and for once I found a place to stop and take pictures.
It took me a while to realise I was being observed in the process and some minutes were spend stroking this soft sheep's head.
And when I turned around again the most beautiful vista of the day greeted me, just in time to click that button and capture it for all time.


Leslie said...

Gorgeous skies... I love that sort of light, makes for great pictures. Field sheep usually aren't friendly enough for a head scratch. Maybe he was a bottle baby. You live in such a pretty place.

abby j said...

Talk about right place at the right time...gorgeous photos...almost ethereal! I always thought Scotland was beautiful...right down to its sheep!! :)

Happy Holidays to you and John with love from both of us!

Jewels said...

You almost expect a chorus of angels to go along with that burst of sunlight - how beautiful Frieda - and I love your new friend - what a wonderful coat ...


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