Friday, 6 December 2013

No Power


We thought we had gotten away with it when the storm passed over and we still had our electricity but at quarter to three we lost it due to fallen trees and the like and we still don't have it back. Hence the picture taken early this morning of our electricity line!

I'm writing this from the side of the road in West Linton as I can't even get to my trusty lay by due to ice!


we got our power and wifi back by 3pm today after 24 hours without either. Thanks to our generator we managed fine for light and heating but I'm quite shocked by just how much I miss my online connection! It's like my lifeline to the world outside our little hill in the middle of nowhere!



Linda said...

So glad you got everything back in order in one day. I know how you feel about feeling disconnected but after going through power outages several days at a time-the last one being 5 days -I've learned I don't really need to be so connected daily-it was actually a nice break :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

so glad you are back frieda : ) And you have certainly learned how to get by in the meantime!

Jewels said...

We had power outages recently as well - I know what you mean - what did our ancestors do LOL....


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