Monday, 13 January 2014

Envelope Prompt

At the beginning of each week this year you will be seeing what I did for The Documented Life Project prompt. I'm adding these pages to my Moleskine planner as I'm going along, mainly so that it's easier to take the piece to the sewing machine before I attach it into the planner with washi tape.

Our prompt this week was to utilize an old envelope. As some of you know I used to host many swaps before the postal costs became a bit too much, and as I never throw out anything I have many lovely decorated envelopes left from that time. I used one that was mailed to me from Singapore and the only thing I added to the envelope was a sticker to obscure my address. The envelope was then stitched onto a piece of hand painted paper. I added the purple postage stamp at bottom right as well as the stamped text. I also inked the edges of the envelope and layered it with painted black fabric before stitching it down on 3 sides.

The fourth side was left open so that I could add a little tag (also a gift) and an old order form on which I have written my To Do list for this week. It will be interesting to see just when all the items on the list will be finished.

I have promised myself not to spend hours doing these prompts as specially at the moment I simply don't have much time. But it's amazing how much can be achieved in very little time. It helps that I have put all kinds of items that I think will be helpful doing these challenges in a large plastic box in my studio so that I can just dip in there and grab some goodies. And the fact that it is very satisfying to see the new week already adorned with a tip-in page is a real encouragement.


Deanna Anthony said...

Beautiful! I'm learning so much from just seeing all the amazing work with this Documented Life Project. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

massofhair said...

Great addition to your DLP book, love it when you can recycle buts into new projects :-) x


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