Thursday, 30 January 2014

Grunge and Graffiti Journal

The outside world hasn't much to offer photographically speaking so I have been reduced to picturing what is on my work desk. Mainly those are all the bits and pieces that will eventually become another art journal from an online class. I'll give you all the details when it is finished which won't be for some time yet.

My inner peace has gone walkabout at the moment as I have been waiting for a courier delivery for two days now! You have to wonder what the point of such companies is if they don't get the job done any faster than the Royal Mail, and this is from someone who used help run one. But of course such sloppiness never happened in my day (well, almost never!).




massofhair said...

Frieda, what's on your desk is so beautiful and colourful, would like them on mine lol :-)

I live very close to a main Post Office and we are waiting more than normal for our deliveries too. couriers are no quicker than the PO and charge more. Mind you i think TNT has taken over most of our mail rounds and deliveries so wasn't expecting much from them.

Hope your inner calm returns very soon and your parcel is a welcome sight :-) xxx

theresa martin said...

What a lovely colorful view. Sometimes it's nice to focus on the inside too.

Terri said...

oooooh, these colorful bits are wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing your new journal.
I hope the mail person brings what ever it is you are waiting for, so you can breathe a sigh of relief : )


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