Saturday, 25 January 2014

It rained

It rained unrelentingly today, sometimes very heavy and at other times more subdued, but always wet! Even ducks didn't seem to enjoy it. To cheer ourselves up we stopped off at Whitmuir Organic Farm to enjoy some tea and cake by the stove. I also found a beautiful hardback Folio copy of Victoria Finlay's book Colour with lots of gorgeous colour illustrations in the 2nd hand book section they have and was over the moon to take it home with me. I've read it in paperback but it looks so much more delicious with all the pictures included and beautifully bound. On the cover is the colour wheel. That alone made it a Must Have acquisition!

It brightened up a day that otherwise had little to offer in the way of colour. The little pond by the farm looked moody and atmospheric and provided me with a blip for the day.

Although I have continued to blip on a daily basis and also to put some posts up here I must be honest and admit that my heart wasn't in it this week. No idea why. I get like this sometimes and usually it is closely connected with the weather. Dare I say it (I know I should be careful what I wish for here!) but I'm longing for some cold but blue days filled with snow, to bring back my creative mojo and that joie de vivre I usually enjoy.

Otherwise a shopping spree on Amazon might help too but I'm trying to control that impulse for the moment.

PS Oh, I'm spooked! Guess what is coming down now, not 5 minutes after posting this. Yes, wet snow. Perhaps I should ask the universe for tonight's lottery numbers too, or is that being greedy.



Linda said...

what a really great find Frieda-that book must be really gorgeous! Glad your weather was rain before changing to snow. Personally I'd take the rain any time over snow-of which we've been getting entirely too much!

Terri said...

Looking at those images, I can totally see why you may not be so cheery! lol! Those are dreary images! I would be hoping for bright blue snow days too!
I hope that the weather changes quick for you.
The book you found sounds wonderful! I tried to look it up here, but found another that looked like a fictional story and nothing like what you mention. I would love to see a pic of it.
Hang in there! The sun is coming out soon...I hope....
We are waiting for a big snow storm here, and the day is very dreary.


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