Friday, 10 January 2014

La Linea d'oro 1 Journal Quilt

A New Year has begun and another journal quilt challenge has been issued by the Contemporary Quilt Group. This year our journal quilts for their challenge have to be 8" square and "each quilt should feature at least one line, either straight or curved running across the quilt from one edge to another edge, either angled, horizontal, vertical or diagonal". That's it!

I added a few challenges myself: to use fabric that was painted using the gelli plate and to make that line gold.

I know calling all the resulting quilts La Linea d'oro sounds pretentious (it means The Golden Line in Italian)  but I have my reasons! In the end it will result in one large quilt with the same name and that's why the edges are finished with buttonhole stitch. This will become part of the construction method for the big quilt. I also made my own life a bit simpler by producing a very large background using iron on interfacing to form the base for a large patchwork of gelli plate printed circular themed fabrics from which I will be cutting the smaller pieces for each individual monthly contribution. I'm using the envelope method of construction for each piece so that I can buttonhole those edges without bindings getting in the way. It meant a lot of work this month to make the background but in return less work each month.
The piece was machine satin stitched on the borders between the two pieces, then also hand quilted on the lines of the individual patches. All the gelli plate printed fabrics have a circular theme so I decided to emphasize that even more by using circles as the main focus point in addition to that golden line.
I love that's it's a small size so that I can embellish it to my heart's content without it taking absolutely ages. I will also be making Journal Quilts for the Sketchbook Challenge again each month this year and would also love making some bigger (although not huge!) pieces in the course of the months to come. So small is definitely good!

Hope you like this one as there will be 11 more along the same vein. I'm looking forward to making this little jewels.


Linda said...

What a gorgeous start to another year of quilts Frieda! I'm so looking forward to every one :)

massofhair said...

Stunning piece Frieda, great use of fabric gelli plate printing. Going to be amazing when completed.

Do you use fabric paints or mix other paints with fabric medium to get your gelli prints?

Thanks for the inspiration:-) x


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