Thursday, 13 February 2014

Confusing Weather

The seasons seem to be mixed up at the moment. A couple of days ago it looked like spring was on the way, specially inside where all the bulbs in pots started to appear above ground such as this lovely tulip.
Yesterday a pink hyacinth appeared, also in a pot placed on the kitchen windowsill, but just look what was happening in the garden outside at the same time. Snowstorms were raging and it was very windy, although nowhere near as bad as further south and on the west coast of Ireland. I have been looking at the awful images of flooding in Limerick where I used to live many years ago. So tragic.
Today it seems like winter proper has finally arrived on the hills. The Pentlands looked beautiful in their coat of snow but our little lane has been covered in ice, slush and water in that order. Not much fun but manageable unlike the situation in the south of the UK. Everyone is longing for a dry spell but sadly it appears that the end of the rain, wind and snow is not yet in sight.

Still inside our kitchen it looks, smells and feels like spring and I love seeing all the flowers. So pleased we bought loads of them this year.

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Sheilasembroidery said...

My feelings exactly Frieda. I blogged about my feelings when one day I was walking in jumper and waistcoat looking at catkins. The next we had a dusting of snow. Wednesday night the wind was so bad overnight and yesterday I travelled to Rothbury in sun and rain showers looking at Cheviot with it's lovely coat of snow. Really strange.


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