Sunday, 2 February 2014

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The theme for The Documented Life Project for the coming week was announced yesterday and it was:

"Open your Pinterest board and be inspired. If you do not use Pinterest, feel free to choose your own inspiration piece from any source - like a magazine, book, piece of art, billboard etc." I'm on Pinterest although reluctantly and I also feel that following an artist unless she or he has been dead for over 70 years involves all kinds of copyright issues so instead I selected to use another artist's methods rather than their art. I choose to use Kiala Givehand's pack of Mixed Media cards and follow her instructions.


I received the following card instructions:
1. Use spray inks through a stencil
2. Add acrylic paint
3. Stamp the same image multiple times (I used a mask stamp from Judikins)
4. Add a piece of your recycled art (the fabric circles and the little sticker featuring my art)
5. Adhere something to the surface by sewing, stapling or clipping it on (guess which option I preferred!).
Sorry I left you rather abruptly yesterday. One of our neighbours phoned and that seemed to knock off our broadband when I was in the middle of writing this post. We didn't get it back till 10 at night. I managed to do a few things online with one tiny bar of mobile broadband and the iPad but that was it. I noticed that I didn't get the entire page I did in the picture at the top of this post so I've add another better view below.



massofhair said...

Hi Frieda
I am on Pinterest too, enjoy pinning when i'm in the mood...

Your work is always full of interest & colour, this piece is no exception:-) xxx

Leslie said...

Wow, what a great page - super colorful and filled with detail. Very nice! You certainly made the most of those cards LOL. Love that stamp.


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