Monday, 24 February 2014

One Little Word Dream Book

I finished making this One Little Word Book today, following Kiala Givehand's instructions on YouTube here. She made it in a day. I need hardly add that it took me considerably longer! And not just because I had to wait for the right supplies such as large enough paper and the Hypotrochoid Art Set. You don't know what that means?? Me neither! But it turned out to be a reincarnation of the Spirograph. Remember those? Oh dear, that dates us terribly. In the process I also discovered a great fondness for Liquitex Glossy paint, which gives paper an amazing leather-like texture.

Kiala's video is free to view on YouTube and it is part of her monthly book making series of videos where all the books are made in just one day. She did the same thing in 2013 too but then the books were made weekly. but also in one day. All free so if you're interested search them out on her YouTube channel. There are some amazing book structures to be found in the various videos. 

She called this particular one, the first in 2014, One Little Word. Some of you will be familiar with the concept of adopting one little word as your Word of the Year. Kiala choose the word Breathe for her book. I'm not doing the One Little Word project but for my book I arrived without much thinking at the word Dream so used that for my book as you can see below. 
This is the entire book opened out and below are the individual pages whereas at the top is the closed version with closure. No more instructions from me here as this is Kiala's project. But I have to say that playing with that Hypotrochoid Set proved immensely addictive!


massofhair said...

Kaleidoscopes are cool again, yeah!!!

I used to love making these designs into cards and colouring them. I still have a huge set which i get to play with regularly. Glad you enjoyed making your card.

I have today purchased two Liquitex pens, a black and a white one with a 2-4 mm nib. Their colour markers come in a fantastic range of colours, going to do some research on what they are capable of and contemplate getting a couple of the colours.

Thanks for sharing your lovely project :-) x

Jewels said...

Guess what Frieda - my old Spirograph set is down in my basement! I think you've inspired me to dust it off LOL...Love it.


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