Saturday, 8 March 2014

Exciting Stuff

We've had quite a lot of excitement in the last few days. First of all some of my work has made it onto the StencilGirl blog and you can see that here.

Then I had an e-mail form the German quilter Gudrun Heinz who organizes travelling  exhibitions featuring small quilts, on a theme, every few years, the latest one on Boredom. She wanted to let us know that the exhibition is featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Burda Patchwork, a magazine that is published in both French and German. I managed to lay my hands on a French version online but in the meantime Gudrun was good enough to provide us with a picture of the spread. Above right is my little piece featuring my father and our cat Roxy. I wonder what he would have made of the fact that he is featured in a magazine now. The exhibition has already been to lots of places, starting at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham last year, followed by outings to St. Petersburg, Moscow,  Murmansk and Riga and will be going on to Prague, Solothurn, Karlsruhe and Bremen and no doubt many other places. Gudrun is very good at finding venues to exhibit as well as keeping us informed.
The next excitement concerned the annual 2nd hand book sale held in Peebles where I found a veritable treasure trove of books. A set of 3 wonderful books about Venice, a book with a beautiful red/gold cover about Scallops (which I will take apart to use that cover), images (copyright free as published in 1919) in a book about Saint Francis, a guide book about Venice (in which I discovered postcards and a map after bringing it home, oh yah!), some old maps (all for collage fodder) and a French book with a gorgeous cover that I will use to alter. All for the princely sum of £16. 
The final excitement was felt by John (well, it was about time he had a treat too!) when we discovered a massive tree felling in operation on the Shiplaw road going home. The sight of so many trees was almost too much for him! It will be my blip for the day so I got something out of this too!
Love the patterns of those stacks and I know I'm not the only one!


Terri said...

Hello Freida,
I am sorry about your internet issue! I hope it gets fixed for you soon : )
Congratulations! Yay for you, your dad and Roxy! How cool is that!
Wonderful treasures for so little! Your new books look amazing and inspiring. I love finding books like these too.
Great blip too!

theresa martin said...

Congrats to you and hope you are back online soon.

Linda said...

I sure hope you get your wifi back soon Frieda. Congrats on all the exciting news!!! I bet your father would have gotten such a kick out of your special project in the magazine. Oh and what a really fantastic treasure you have come home with from the book sale! Hubby and I just watched a program on Venice-he'd so love to see it one day-and I'd love to return...great photos of the trees and wood too.

massofhair said...

Congratulations on the mention and on the Exhibition Frieda. sounds like you have been having a bit of a time lately... Love the Peebles book finds :-) x


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