Monday, 10 March 2014

The Bridge

I went out this morning to photograph the railway bridge just outside our house. I've walked under this bridge to walk our dogs for almost 19 years now so I know it like the back of my hand. It's a lovely piece of Victorian architecture and I'm showing it in black and white for the MonoMonday challenge on the Blip site. I wouldn't normally have it on show here as well but I want to take the opportunity while our broadband is working to warn you that our telephone line has some serious issues. You might remember that I've been offline quite a bit lately. In fact every time someone rings in it knocks off our broadband. So please don't call!

I did a lot of research and discovered that it probably is a High Resistance Connectivity problem due to a problem somewhere in our line, probably the old copper cable bit near the house but it has proved near on impossible to convince our service provider to believe I know what I'm talking about (after all, I'm only a humble and technically ignorant woman!). They send us all  kinds of new routers and filters but surprise, surprise that made no difference. Finally this morning we managed to persuade them (Utitility Warehouse) to pass it on to BT engineers, but I expect to have to go through the whole rigmarole again with them. In the end I know they will discover a fault somewhere in the line but I have the strong suspicion that it's going to take quite some time.

All this tedious information is here only to tell you that I might not be able to be here as regularly as I love to be in the coming days (weeks?!)  as writing blog posts on the iPad using Blogsy from a lay-by is not as easy as doing it sitting behind my laptop in the studio. When we have broadband at home I will continue to do what I can, however frustrating. I have discovered during all this that I'm an internet junkie and not ashamed to admit it! I love being here and interacting with you all on this blog and on Blip and I only hope that normality will be restored before too long. I was feeling quite guilty about my reliance on this modern way of communicating but took myself to task over it. Life moves on and modern life is becoming almost impossible without being able to access the internet.

Just our bad luck that we are in a black spot for mobile broadband too so that's no alternative here at home but it is in that trusty lay-by! And we have very good neighbours whose wifi I can borrow occasionally.

Enough already! If you made it this far I'm deeply grateful! Back soon, one way or another. And now I come to think of it the title of this post is so very appropriate, even though I never considered that at the beginning.

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Jewels said...

So sorry about your technology issues Frieda - what did we do before we had all this online stuff anyways LOL....stay in touch as best you can.


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