Saturday, 26 April 2014

A day out and good news


I made it to the Embroiderers' Guild Regional Day in Kilmarnock even though I'm not quite sure how. It's a convoluted route and I'm sure I didn't use my pre planned roads, but the main thing is that I got there, and, more importantly, back again. The road was very busy as it's part of the Clyde Valley scenic tour which meant lots of cars going very slowly. There was no place or opportunity to stop and take a picture so instead I blipped details from a lily from a bouquet given to me by John some days ago. It looks quite sexy.

John also had good news for me when I arrived back. My quilt Fire and Ice (seen above) won 2nd prize in the Innovative Section of the British Quilt and Stitch Show ( held this weekend in Uttoxeter. That's the sort of information I love to come home to hear!



Dotty said...

Well done! Glad you got there & back. Congratulations on your good news!

Linda said...

Gorgeous flower photo Frieda-such clarity and sharpness. Congrats on your winning quilt-fabulous work as usual!!

Terri said...

Congratulations Frieda! Fire and ICe is stunning! OMGosh! You deserve 2nd, and First!


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