Monday, 21 April 2014

Going Places

The new challenge theme on The Documented Life Project is: Photograph or draw your favourite shoes . In the end I did both. I thought long about what my favourite shoes are. I have quite a few lovely shoes in my cupboard, mostly dating back to the days I went to work outside the house. I even occasionally wear them. But the truth is that my feet have always been my weakness. The only thing I've ever broken is my ankle and I also stepped into glass on a beach once many years ago (some glass is still in there and occasionally pops up) and I can't even begin to count the number of blisters I've had over the years. So they are not by any stretch of the imagination my favourite body parts. I mainly live in boots and wellies over the winter and the day that I decide I can put on my Crocs instead to do the morning dog walk is a joy indeed. That day this year was yesterday.

I put on my favourite coloured ones (turquoise at the moment, must try and get some yellow ones this year!) and after walking the dogs, sat down in the grass among the daffodils and took a picture using my Polaroid camera so that I would have the photo immediately to use on my page. I then also drew one of them and it struck me that crocs are full of my favourite circular shapes, not just on top but also on the soles. That's the sort of detail you notice when you draw instead of photograph.

I used both on a gelli plate printed paper background and added more circular shapes (just because!) as well as some text, an arrow and a Dutch postage stamp. This was selected because of it's colour but it's quite fitting as my feet started their life journey there. So there they are: my favourite shoes! And I'm still wearing them today despite the fact that the weather has turned and it's quite cold and very foggy. Once my feet have tasted the freedom of crocs they don't want to go back to wellies, even if they are pink.


Jewels said...

Grand Frieda! Isn't nice to loose all that heavy winter gear even for your feet LOL....I was out with a t shirt, sneakers and jeans on to walk Mr. D yesterday - it was wonderful....

Lenna Young Andrews said...

love this post Frieda, I too love my crocs and now rarely wear anything else. I hate to admit I have about 10 pairs, all different styles!!

Linda said...

your page is wonderful Frieda-nice combination of colors and movement around the whole page. I know what you mean about changing out the foot wear. I may be able to wear flip flops for the first time today :)


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