Thursday, 1 May 2014

La Linea d'oro 5 Journal Quilt

May has arrived but instead of sunshine and warmth we have a very cold wind and rain. The dog walk wasn't a pleasure this morning! Time to change all the calendars (I've got quite an obsession with them) and to show you my latest small (8" square) journal quilt made for the challenge on the Contemporary Quilt Group. 
The group set the size and also added the requirement that a line should go each quilt from one side to the other. I made my line golden as you can see and as is reflected in the titles of all of them. I used gelli plate printed fabric and put to work as many circular stencils as I could find (and I have many, circles being my thing!). The fabrics were then cut up and pieces laid onto an iron-on stabilizer and adhered. This background was then cut to size for all the journal quilts and additional circles were appliquéd on top, in this case 3 purple ones. Then came the quilting by both hand and machine as you can see above.

And the final stage is the one I enjoy most: the embellishing with sequins and beads. These journal quilts really sparkle. The edges of all of them are finished with buttonhole stitch which I will use to sew them all together at the end of this year.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

The colors on this just draw me in Frieda, maybe it is the complementary yellow & purple! I Love it. mmm!

Terri said...

I hadn't realized how long I have been away from your blog! But I am having a great time catching up.
This quilt here is stunning! What coloring you put together. I love love love your inspired choices!


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