Sunday, 18 May 2014

Singing the Blues

I was going to give you a post about the Burano quilt at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show but photography at the venue in question was difficult and the light was very bad. I'm getting very picky about the quality of my pictures so I'm going to wait and tell you all about the quilt in the near future.

Instead I'm going to share another visit to Dawyck. We were there only a week ago but a spring week means things coming on in leaps and bounds and the highlight of our visit today were the riches of the bluebells and the newly emerged blue poppies.
 I love the variety in textures in the above picture!
 And the differnt blues merging together in this one.
As for the blue poppies, I simply can never get enough of them. They are also flowering in our garden but nothing like on the scale they do in the gardens in Dawyck.
I know I take pictures like this every year but that is because every time I see them emerge they take my breath away all over again.

 The back of the flowers is as pretty as the front. I particularly love the dark area around the stem.
And of course the rhododendrons are still in flower too. The rhododendron/azalea walk for which Dawyck is so famous isn't quite there yet but not long to go now. One more week should do it, I think. But the colours have started to erups.
 Love this delicate yellow/white variety.
 Here is a beautiful glimpse of a pink rhododendron as seen through the dark bamboo.
The dark red/purple of this white variety was breathtaking.


cjsrq said...

Those blue poppies are truly amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

amazing photos, Frieda! Don't stop even if you take a similar version each year :)


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