Monday, 12 May 2014


It must be said that John was horrified when I bought a valerian plant at one of the open garden events a few years ago. He considers it a weed and indeed I soon realized I could have simply plucked a plant from the verges in our lane and saved myself the expense. But I love these flowers and warfare rages in the garden when I try and prevent John from cutting it down before it seeds and every year I anxiously check the borders to make sure it has returned. This year it's been very fruitful indeed. It flowers all summer long so I should definitely have them again next year. I love both the flowers and that fresh green on the leaves.



Linda said...

It looks beautiful to me! I must watch my hubby a bit and show him what is NOT a weed as he may think too :)

sheila 77 said...

Yes, it is a lovely plant, I am just going out to have a look at mine now, I don't think they are flowering yet.
I read once that if the dandelion was a rare plant everyone would be clamouring for one.


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