Friday, 27 June 2014

Little Landscapes Journal Quilts

Here are the two journal quilts made for the theme of Little Landscapes that have been travelling with Grosvenor Shows and returned home recently. I pictured them when they were hanging in the Ingliston venue near Edinburgh back in February but I had no proper pictures of each one at that time as I made a bit of an oops with the photography. I took the pictures when the journal quilts (both A4 size) were done but forgot to transfer them to the computer and when in a rash moment I cleared my camera card they were gone, and so were the journal quilts at that time, already off on their travels. So I made a note to take new pictures on their return and here they are.
As you can see these small pieces take their technique of couched yarn from my larger work such as the Fire And Ice quilt which itself will be off on more travels soon as it has been selected for the World Quilt Competition XVIII 2014. I'm packing it this weekend.

To go with the Little Landscape theme I added little landscapes in the shape of my photographs printed onto fabric to each one. In the case of the blue piece this is a picture of the Pentland Hills covered in snow which led to it's title: The Shadow of the Mountain.
The red one has a picture of a sunset captured on the road between Innerleithen and Peebles after I came back in the car a few years ago,  and it has the title: That Sun of Life. They were both finished back in June 2013. I have just made another two Journal Quilts for this year's Grosvenor Shows competition theme which is Picture This, and you will see them when the exhibition goes travelling next year. And don't worry, I have photographed them already and transferred the pictures to both my computer and Dropbox!
The sun in both cases are pendants that  I obtained from Eebeads and coloured with alcohol inks.


joyce oquinn said...

Came over from blip to see more! These are absolutely beautiful.

Linda K said...

stunning works of art Frieda!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

These are amazing pieces, Frieda. I am so glad I get to catch up and read these posts now. I get such a feeling of connection, if that makes sense, of you using your photographs for the base of these journal quilts. So beautiful! The stitching, couching and beading wows me. I love seeing the close-ups, thank you!!!


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