Friday, 11 July 2014

An early dog walk


It is so unbelievably hot here that the dogs have to be walked first thing in the morning and late in the evening. I have just returned from the evening outing. This morning John came with me so I coukd take some pictures along the old railway line which is looking stunning in the sunshine.

All the wildflowers are in full flow and walking in among all that beauty is a very special experience.

And coming back the rose hedge is there to greet us. That too has reached its zenith.

These are from Paul's Himalayan Musk.


And to top it all I discovered our first sunflower is out, echoing that wonderful sun in the sky. I haven't switched on either my computer or laptop (using my iPad for posting here and for my daily blipfoto), and I'm enjoying life in the sun instead of online. Perhaps that is a lesson I should take onboard even when the weather isn't as gorgeous as it is now.



Jewels said...

oh my Frieda - how lovely - I really appreciate the openness you have (different to living in a wood lot). Enjoy the wonderful weather...

Linda K said...

more and more it looks to me like you truly live in an idyllic place-despite the harsh winters-I can so appreciate the privacy you have.


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