Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ode to summer

Here are some more summer pictures. There is now such a wealth of flowers in our garden that the choice is not about finding pictures to take but rather which of the many photographs I'm taking to leave out.

Geraniums are perpetual favourites of mine, ever since reading The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge where one of the disputes is about pink geraniums. Read it if you want to know more, or read it anyway. It's an ideal book fot these perfect summer days.

As is the book I'm reading at the moment:The Morville Hours by Katherine Swift, about the making of a garden in Shropshire. It is about a lot more though. Beautifully written there is a sense of timelessness about it as well as an attachment to place.

I too am feeling more and more rooted in my own garden which is about the same size but much further up north and higher up. This book too should be read during hot summer days while savouring each word and taking time to contemplate the content. The book follows the pattern of the Books of Hours from the past and made me grab The Books of Hours by John Harthan from the shelves. I bought this book back in the late 70's when I had no garden of my own and no knowledge whatsoever of plants and flowers, making me wonder if some things are just meant to be. Do we have secret pre-knowledge of our futures?

I'm lingering over The Morville Hours, not wanting the experience to end, but fortunately Katherine Swift has written another book: The Morville Year , to which I will progress when ready. And a third book is promised!

I have decided to have a holiday while this wonderful weather lasts. So I won't beat myself up about writing less here and instead concentrating on images, and also commenting less on the Blipfoto site. Instead I will be soaking up the sunshine both physically and mentally, and storing it up for the colder times ahead. So I'm making merry! Hope you're doing the same.



lam said...

I that really an orange geranium?
I've never seen that color here in the US. Lovely!

Leslie said...

What a glorious window box! Love geraniums. And your hydrangea is lovely. So hard to have a truly lush flower bed in hot, dry N California. Enjoy it while you can!

Linda K said...

what a really lovely summer post! The window scene at the top reminds me of the Bretagne area in France:)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I think that is a good plan Frieda, your last paragraph! enjoy!!!


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