Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Staycation page

I made the page for week 30 of The Documented Life Project back on Saturday but there were too many flower pictures to enjoy in the meantime so here it is now. Our task was to: Add receipts, labels, business cards,smash book style. What a good thing that my mother was here and we visited both Peebles and Dobbies Garden Centre that day so we had a wealth of receipts and car parking tickets, otherwise this would have been a much more difficult task. I gathered them all together and stuck them onto a plain paper background. Then I briefly retreated to my painting shed to administer  layers of pink, purple and blue Silk Acrylic Glaze and using a stencil from Stencilgirl added a first layer on top of that of pink acrylic paint. I turned the stencil 90 degrees and sprayed with blue Dylysions. It looked a lot more cohesive after that.
I added the picture of the rose (printed by Printagram) as it seemed appropriate to the garden centre visit and added the small picture stickers to the bottom (also by Printagram). I found the word Staycation in the newspaper magazine on the day and that seemed appropriate for this week. I used my sewing machine to adhere things (my glue stick ran out) and also to outline the edges of the page.
Finally you might not hear from me tomorrow as we are having the electricity pole in our garden replaced. This will mean no electricity between 9 am and 4.30 pm but the last time we had repairs made to another pole the work overran and the power didn't get back till 8 at night. Fingers crossed that won't happen again. I will Blip from that trusty lay-by (where I haven't been for ages now) should that happen but no blog post will appear. Hopefully though all will be well!

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Leslie said...

Gorgeous background colors. Reminds me of wisteria. I envy all your garden visits.


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