Monday, 14 July 2014


Week 29's mission on The Documented Life Project was to: make a wish list; draw pictures or cut out images from magazines. As you can see I choose to do the latter mainly because I like nothing better than a bit of cut and stick. I was rather taken aback when I sat down with a pile of magazines and thought about what I would put on such a wish list. It turns out my wishes are quite modest. It's the same when I contemplate what we would do if we won the lottery. I can't think of much at all. Perhaps it's because I live very much for the moment and don't believe in saving up or postponing my wishes for some future, as yet unknown, time. I tend to simply go for the things I wish for right here and now. After all you never know when time might suddenly prove to be up. Not that I want to sound morbid but life is terminal for us all!. Having said that I just started to leaf through those magazines for inspiration.
And I still found plenty. trips to the seaside, fabrics (not surprisingly!), vintage threads (must have a browse soon on Ebay!), old fashioned cameras, paint (in all the colours of the rainbow), a chair covered in vegetables, roses (you can never have too many of them), plants in spoons hanging from a fence (definitely going to give that a go, just as soon as I lay my hands on some interesting large spoons), and of course a bit of bling (I prefer the kind I bead myself though), and of course a return to Venice one of these days.
Looking through magazines seems to increase wishes as I stumbled across many things I would never have thought of wishing for, had I not been browsing. Some things such as the seaside and Venice were always going to be part of my wish list and fabrics, threads and paints are life essentials as far as I'm concerned but I had been unaware of my wish for that chair and the spoon plants! As for that old fashioned Diana film camera (called Dreamer, no less!) I've made a note of the website!


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Beautiful it

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lovely wishes and here's here to wishing and doing right now!! xo


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