Sunday, 31 August 2014

Black and White Page

Today is the last day that the exhibition will be open on Sunday afternoon (between 1 and 3pm) as well as the final day of the Peebles Arts Festival. I will still be at my exhibition regularly but not necessarily every day. If you want to meet up there let me know though and depending on what else I'm doing I might be able to be there. In the meantime lots of other things are remaining undone but I'm pleased to say I managed to make the page for week 36 of The Documented Life Project. Our task this week was: Black and White.

 As you can see I kept it very simple and only used rubber stamping for this one. The Frida Kahlo stamp is from Invoke and the trees, birds and quotation from Lavinia stamps.
I just couldn't keep it completely black and white and just had to throw in some red. I'm sure Frida would have approved!


Jewels said...

I am so impressed with everything going on you were able to get this done! Love the stamps and the red is just the right "pop"....

Lenna Young Andrews said...

yes she would approve!!!


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