Sunday, 14 September 2014

Feather Page

There is not much time for art at the moment but I did manage to produce my page for week 38 of The Documented Life Project. We were told to: Draw, paint, doodle, sketch a feather, or use a real feather on our page. As you can tell I used a real feather from one of our chickens that is conveniently moulding. She has lovely speckled feathers and I found an almost perfect example.
For the background I used a previously made gelli print and I found a matching bird transparency (from Alpha Stamps). Both the feather and the transparency were sewn on as you can see in the detail above.
I added a detail from a French dictionary page about the definitely of bird (oiseau), which mentions that these are "couvert de plumes", or covered in feathers. I added three more bird transparencies and stamped some leaves at the bottom of the page and antiqued the edges with a vintage inkpad. and did some outlining with a sepia pen. And voilà, the page was done!

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Beth DiIorio said...

Frieda, this feather-themed page is stunning! It looks magical! Thanks for sharing.
Beth :-)


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