Tuesday, 16 September 2014

In Dawyck with Lenna

Lenna arrived this morning with her plane landing 15 minutes earlier than expected, and it was so amazing to see her appear in the Arrivals Hall. Finally after knowing each other for about 10 years we could give each other a hug.
Lenna really wanted to visit Dawyck after seeing my many pictures of the place so that is where we spend the afternoon!
The colours have started to turn beautifully and it was pretty breathtaking to be there together for the first time.
I won't be writing very long blog posts this week as I want to spend time enjoying Lenna's visit.


Linda Kunsman said...

Truly a dream come true for you both.I'll be thinking of you-have a FABULOUS time!!XO

Jewels said...

How wonderful for you both - I know she was VERY excited to be visiting you. Hope you both have a wonderful time!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

So wonderful to read this after a proper rest in a warm bed topped with a quilt made by you!! I feel much rested today after the long flight and am having such a lovely time with you here. My visits to Dawyck gardens and Traquair House WITH You and driving through the countryside has been so special!


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