Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Just another day at Macbiehill


We had a particularly tiresome day here. It was a gorgeous sunny morning and we had our breakfast outside when all of a sudden a bleeping came from our phone. And no, this time it wasn't the line but the power!

I left John to it while I went to the dentist (that's the kind of day it was!) and a power engineer came out. I won't ask you to guess what the problem was. You never would!

Apparently the Highland cows in the field with the electricity pole must have been rubbing against it thereby shaking the cables and they touched each other thus blowing a fuse! You just couldn't make it up!

Power restored and dentist faced I briefly called into the exhibition where all was well. On the way back I saw, oh glorious sight, a BT Open Reach van parked at the bottom of our lane. Needless to say I stopped and had a word! Fortunately he was on his way to us as I wouldn't have been responsible for my behaviour if that had not been the case!


He thinks he might have located the fault and will be working on getting it fixed in the coming days but at least the wifi seems to have returned. Now for a quiet and peaceful phone line! We're both feeling somewhat frazzled at the edges, made worse by the fact that the BT man didn't care for dogs.


What else could possibly go wrong?!

At least the sun was shining and autumn so far has been fabulous. I'm hoping with all my heart that this weather continues into next week for our American visitor, and will even put up with snow on the 23rd (that's when she will be gone again) if that would help! Hope the universe is listening!




Linda Kunsman said...

oh Frieda, you do have the spirit and determination to get it all to work again!!I know who your American visitor will be and let me just say that I know she (and even I!!)would not mind the weather one bit for the chance to spend time with you in person:)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh my goodness, Frieda! The perks of living in the country I guess . . . well, I hope the wonderful weather continues, but will bring some warmer clothes than what I am wearing right now! : ) can't wait, even if your phone services are still not in top notch condition I will be happy to be with you.


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