Thursday, 4 September 2014

Monkey Puzzle Man in Dawyck

We went to Dawyck today to have a long walk and relax. We were planning it anyway as the weather forecast for today was good but I also wanted to leave our phone problems behind. Yet again there is a serious problem with our line (and yes, it's the same problem as back in April!)  which this time affects both the phone and the broadband. So not like last time when only the broadband was playing up. The BT engineers think they know where the fault is but fixing it seems to be very problematic. You can phone us but we can't hear you due to the enormous amount of background noises emanating from the phone. If you need me urgently e-mail is the only option (see sidebar). We had hoped that it would be sorted by the weekend but it doesn't look like it at the moment. Thanks goodness for our satellite broadband connection, is all I can say.

Anyway enough of that! The colours in Dawyck have started to turn although there still is a lot of green about. It will take a bit longer before the full glorious colours begin to emerge.
 The colchicums are out though!
And I was amazed to see what the inside of the monkey puzzle tree seed pods looks like. So much wonderful texture and in fact it very much looks like someone was in there, looking out if you study the picture at the top of this post.
I have the feeling that the autumn in Dawyck is going to be quite spectacular!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

looks like a really wonderful garden. So much variety!

Linda Kunsman said...

beautiful photos -and that seed pod is amazing-that would make for some fun digital play!


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