Monday, 8 September 2014

White Doodles

 Week 37 of The Documented Life Project brought the task: Use a white pen prominently on your page. I think I have achieved this here. I used a gelli plate printed page and simply emphasized the shapes already there with my white pen and then went a step further by doodling in some of the shapes.
 There seems to be no way that I can avoid going for circles as my preferred shapes!
I kept thinking that this page was too simple but it felt finished to my mind so I'm leaving it at this although perhaps I will have different ideas as the week goes on.  For now I'm simply pleased I'm managing to keep up with this project.


Miss Iowa said...

Great idea, Frieda! I have some gelli prints that seemed unfinished to me; perhaps they just need some white pen doodling. I may borrow your idea. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Linda Kunsman said...

really appealing design Frieda!


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