Thursday, 9 October 2014

An Autumnal Adventure

We had a bit of an adventure yesterday afternoon when I innocently agreed to go across the road to feed our neighbour's cat. We took the dogs with us so that we could stroll in the woods and give them a walk. I then remembered that they had cut some branches down in the pine forest so that you can make your way from the forest path to the old railway line where we walk normally,  and I spotted an orange marker. Needless to say the temptation was irresistible. It didn't occur to me till it was far too late that crocs were maybe not the most suitable footwear for such an undertaking.
The pine forest is planted solely for harvesting. There are a few man made paths through it but in this case we were using the drainage ditches to move around. The name gives a clue to the dampness involved under foot (or as in this case under crocs!). Wet feet didn't deter me from appreciating all the photographic opportunities. I specially loved the patches of light at the end of the tree tunnels such as can be seen above.
 Or alternatively the extreme darkness at the end.
I also found many fungi although it was too dark to take any close-ups. It did spur me on to buy a book about fungi so that when next year autumn arrives I will be ready to put some names to these intriguing structures.
I was also hoping to spot some deer through the mass of trees but as the dogs were with us that didn't happen. I might venture in again sometime, and then by myself, to see if they appear. However I have already checked that my mobile has reception in there as I wouldn't like to get stuck! It might be close to home but it's far from civilization.
Of course I couldn't use any of those pictures for my blip today as they were all taken yesterday so this morning I photographed one of the orange lilies from the bouquet the Museum Service has given me on Saturday. I have the strong suspicion that this orange is achieved artificially but it is a gorgeous colour nevertheless.

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