Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Colour and Light

Those very observant among you might have noticed a new button in the sidebar here which indicates that I'm taking Susannah Conway's Photo Meditations class. It started a week ago and thus coincided with the last week of the 52 Journals exhibition. As a result I didn't do as much as about it as I might have wanted although I did take some pictures that fitted in the lesson about lines and shapes. This week it is the time for colour and light and I took that to heart when we visited that colourful empire otherwise known as Ikea. I loved the red Exit word combined with the other primary colours of blue and yellow. It had real meaning for me in other ways too.
The inside of the store didn't disappoint either. It was literally filled to the brim with colourful displays such as the one of artificial flowers seen above.
 But they also do subtle as can be seen in the above geraniums.
 And this particular arrangements of pastels was a true delight to the eye.
And I couldn't resist the above arrangement either and will try and take the words to heart too. You just wouldn't believe the state of utter chaos and confusion reigning in my studio. It should be a priority but I must admit to sitting and stitching surrounding by it all in a state of perfect contentment!
I was still in the mood for colour pictures when we arrived home and spotted this complimentary colour scheme of red and green, and combined it with a lot of negative space as per one of our tasks in the class last week.


Leslie said...

Love the green bush and red berries against the gray stucco. Autumn has some great color combos.

Linda Kunsman said...

Great photos Frieda! I have never been to an Ikea-but after seeing just that line up of vases I'm sure it would do me MUCH harm:)


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