Thursday, 2 October 2014

La Linea d'oro 10

I think you all know about this series of journal quilts by now. I'm making them for the Journal Quilt challenge on the Contemporary Quilt Group. They set the size this year as 8 x 8" and also told us that we had to have a line run through all of them from side to side. I chose to make that line golden, hence the name of them all. I will be putting all 12 Journal Quilts made for this project together into one large quilt at the end of the year and to make them more cohesive I have been working on all of them together

I started by making lots of circular patterned fabrics using my gelli plate and a large variety of stencils. Once I had a good selection I used an iron-on interfacing to make a patchwork out of selected areas of those fabrics and from that background I cut the 8 x 8 sized pieces for each quilt.
 I then layered them up individually with wadding (batting) and satin stitched the borders and also added circles to the piece, in this case one large circle as you can see above. This was added using hand done buttonhole stitch.
The final step as always in my work was embellishment. I really went to town on these pieces using a wealth of beads and sequins. The outside edges are also button hole stitched and this will become part of the way I aim to sew them all together at the end of the year.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

The last photo, oh my! That fabric is so divine. I love how you printed or painted it Frieda, really delicious! And those sequins!!! It makes me think of the quote you added to your journal page . . . except I think you are making the world a little brighter one sequin at a time -wow!


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