Monday, 20 October 2014

St. Ninian's Church near Brougham, Cumbria


Today was a really fabulous day filled to the brim with enjoyment. I'm going to write a long blog post about it tomorrow as tonight I'm taking a break since the day also involved quite a bit of driving. So for now two pictures only. Above St. Ninian's church itself and below a detail of some exquisite woodcarving we found inside the church.

I found her during a blipmeet with Paula in the little church of St.Ninian's near Brougham, Cumbria. According to the info in the church this carving dates from Jacobean times. Paula has just send me the following link with a bit more information. You can find it here We had a wonderful time together exploring this place and having lunch in the company of llamas. I also delivered the journal quilt Paula bought during the 52 Journals Exhibition.

There are loads of pictures as you would expect when two blippers meet and I will show some of them when I write about my outing tomorrow!




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Linda Kunsman said...

Oh how I would LOVE to see this church and cemetery in person!


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