Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Big Red Barn

After our lovely tea at The Big Red Barn last Sunday we decided to take our friends (and neighbours) to the place to have lunch today. It proved to be a great decision and we had a most enjoyable time as well as a delicious meal. Of course I took my camera too to take that all important daily blip but managed to include myself too on the first try. Not so bad as this is still the week for self portraits on my photography class so I'm showing it there in our Flickr group.

For my blip however I took another picture this time with no distractions from that very red barn. This by the way is how you recognize where the place is (on the A702 going south just past Dolphinton) but not where the restaurant is located. That is in a modern building right next to the barn as you can see on their website.

And finally, I discovered that I am featured on the Studio Art Quilt Associates Europe website at the moment.

Here is the link.


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