Monday, 3 November 2014

Add a Tab Page

Our latest task for week 45 of The Documented Life Project was to: "Add a tab of somethimg to your page". I wasn't massively inspired (that sometimes happens and it's not usually the prompts's fault but rather the mood I happen to be in),  but I did my best to make something of it. I cobbled together various left over bits of gelli plate printed papers by overlapping them and sewing them together making them slightly smaller than the size of my Moleskine 2014 planner. Once that was done I gathered together all my washi tapes and discovered to my delight that I had one representing tabs so used that and other washi tapes to add those tabs to the side and top of the page. I added the words Add a Tab on the tabs themselves.
I then added some doodling to the page but it still looked too bare so I grabbed my box of assorted bits and pieces looking for inspiration and came across some of Roben Marie Smith's circular Art Pops. Roben Marie is one of the organizers of The Documented Life Project so it seemed apt to use them. Once they were on I added outlining with a variety of markers and watersoluble oil pastels as shown.
That was my page for this week done. The challenge was announced on Friday rather than the usual Saturday because on Saturday there was the unveiling of the 2015 project. It will be a bit different from this year as the plan is not to use a planner but a sketchbook instead. A sketchbook that by some chance (I have a HUGE collection of a wide variety of sketchbooks!) I already have.It's the Dylusions Creative Journal designed by Dyan Reaverey for Rangers (available here in the UK from Art from the Heart), so I could go ahead with that. It's sized 11.3/8" x 8.1/4".  But I think that instead I have other plans incorporating working in a 2015 planner but still following the prompts on The Documented Life Project 2015. Watch this space and you will discover what I decide to do in the end. I'm keeping all my options open at the moment.
The Project will continue to be entirely free but of course you can sign up for various online classes that do cost money. There is already one on the site called Cover Stories about how to decorate the cover of that Dylusions journal. It's one way to repay the team behind The Documented Life Project which I bet has taken over their lives to an extend that they didn't quite expect at the beginning. Thousands of artists did sign up for 2014 and it must have been a very overwhelming, not to mention time consuming business.


Linda Kunsman said...

LOVE this! All those wonderful colors and doodles and layers are fantastic-a feast for the eyes! I just purchased a planner for next year(which I'll share at some point on my blog)so I may have to look into the prompts to add to my book.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I signed up!! They are using the same art journal I am using now, which I love. I will get a new one for this project ... thank you for your inspiration. : )


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