Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Visiting the donkeys

Meet Ant and Dec although I have no idea who is who. That's okay, I have the same problems with their human namesakes. I could pretend we went to Pentland Plants for a specific purpose but the truth is that I wanted to go and say hello to the donkeys. They are always there the week before Christmas and come from the Borders Donkey Sanctuary near Melrose where by chance I was a few weeks ago visiting a friend.
Ant and Dec were very happily munching away only occasionally glancing up to provide a photo opportunity.
On the way home I spotted another vapour trail (definitely developing an obsession) which seemed to go straight up. Of course that was an optical illusion but together with the very pale sun behind the clouds it provided an interesting picture.

It's a strange day without the Blipfoto site. It is down to be moved to new servers and hopefully by 8pm tonight it will be back bigger and better. Fingers crossed though! Such technical stuff has a huge potential to go wrong so we will have to wait and see. I will blip one of these three pictures although I haven't decided which one yet.


Erica said...

The jet trail photo is awesome!

Linda Kunsman said...

that vapor trail is so cool! I too would make a point just to mingle with the donkeys:)


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