Friday, 30 January 2015

Feathery Flutterings

Life Book 2015 presented us with two wonderful classes this week. You've seen the Dreamcatcher in an earlier blog and today it's time to show you the affirmation feather class result. This class was by the organizer of Life Book herself, Tamara Laporte and what a fun class it was.
I stuck pretty close to the brief but instead of the blues and greens that Tam used I went for a more fiery combination of red, orange and yellow.
 And of course I also used my own selection of collage papers for the background.
I also used a glittery pen for the little ornaments that you see hanging above, as well as for the writing and then had a moment of panic when I started splattering white paint about as these glitter pens are water soluble, but in the end it didn't prove to be a problem. Love working on this project and am pretty pleased with the end result too.
The weather is still cold and icy. We had another fluttering of snow but the main problem is that yesterday's load has now frozen and it is extremely slippery.

On my return I spotted this gorgeous jay in the front garden through the kitchen window. I've heard them in the nearby forest but this is it's first visit so close to the house. What a stunning creature it is.


Sue Marrazzo said...

REALLY Special. I like your papers, too!

ColourFly said...

Very beautiful!

Leslie said...

Love the feather page. Is the feather hand drawn one wispy little line at a time? If so, excellent job. And do you know the actual type of bird that is? We have nothing like it in northern California and I'd like to Google it for more images so I can try to sketch/paint one. Scottish jay?? Thanks!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Stunning Feather and Jay with beautiful feathers. Lovely, lovely work, frieda. So glad you went with yellow-orange-red!

Linda Kunsman said...

One of my very favorite color combinations Frieda-and this is GORGEOUS-I LOVE your feather! That jay is quite beautiful-great photo.


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