Friday, 23 January 2015

Up in the Air

This will be the last glimpse you are getting of my Up in the Air piece made for the fundraiser organized by Virginia Spiegel for the American Cancer Society. You can read all about it here. It's now little more than a week away and will happen on Wednesday 4th February at 10 am Central US time which I make to be 4pm here in the UK.
By being one of the first 100 people donating $100 to the American Cancer Society via Fiberart for a Cause you will a piece of art from one of the 100 artists who have donated their work. All the information regarding how to donate is on Virginia's website.  This includes the postage to wherever you happen to be in the world, also donated by the artists involved. The allocation of which piece you will receive is done by a random number generator so it will be a surprise. I love that part of it.
I will reveal my entire piece on the morning of the 4th February and will wait with baited breath to see where it's new home is going to be. And yes, I will also participate by trying to obtain someone else's work. The art made for this project is just fabulous and whichever piece you receive after your donation I can guarantee you'll love it! All the artists have put their heart and soul into their art for this very deserving project.

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Linda Kunsman said...

what a generous and beautiful way to raise money for a most important cause. Your entry is sure to bring sunshine to whomever receives it!


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