Thursday, 12 February 2015

Making Dereliction

Is it still dereliction when you produce it yourself? I am in the process of making a fabric book in grunge style following the instructions of an online class by Donna Downey. It involves materials such as  poly filler and gesso, and then partly removing it to make it look like an ancient graffiti filled wall.Of course I will  blog more details of the book once it is done but for today this detail looks pretty derelict to me. Hope it counts for DerelictThursday which is a challenge on the blipfoto site every Thursday. 


Leslie said...

Love the grungy look of that page. I've never taken one of her classes. Is it worthwhile, do you feel? I quit following her blog because it became nothing but commercials for her own stuff, but the class appeals to me.

peggy gatto said...

I love the colors!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

Love this Frieda! This class sounds like a great new process of textures and colors for you.


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