Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Blipfoto Forever

Those who you who are not blippers and don't live in Scotland might not know that my most favourite website has gone into compulsory liquidation. It was officially announced yesterday although rumours about the situation had been spreading on the site itself for about a fortnight already.

Yesterday we knew the worst and many blippers had started to back up their photographs and more specifically their words. Fortunately my training as a reference librarian makes me quite organized about such things and all my pictures are backed upped religiously on external hard drives while my words on Blipfoto are a condensed version of what appears here on my blog. I have this blog printed into a book every year so those too are safe.

Despite being confident about all that I did feel very depressed about the fact that Blipfoto might go down. I have blipped consistently every day since the 30th November 2010 and it seemed unimaginable to not be able to continue doing so. Fortunately the news is more hopeful by now and it sounds like there are interested parties who want to buy up Blipfoto and keep the site up and running. Fingers crossed the site will continue to exist.

In support of the site and it's staff it was decided that we blippers would do something today to demonstrate how much we love it here and under the hashtag #blipfotoforever we are posting pictures of ourselves with our hands outstretched as if we are holding hands together. All those pictures can be seen here and we are forming one huge, worldwide ring of blippers.


Jewels said...

That is so cool Frieda - I personally don't "blip" but enjoy seeing yours and Lenna's photos. Fingers crossed everything works out in the end...

On another note - reference librarian! How funny, my masters degree is in library and information science and my first job was as a manager for a small technical library in a big chemical company LOL...I still use all those skills just like you

Deb said...

Love the picture! And thanks for the great idea of having your blog posts printed into a book! Think I might do just that.

I've started printing more photos, just in case someone breaks the internet!

Linda Kunsman said...

LOVE your photo!! I don't blip but I do know how much it has meant to so many including yourself and Lenna. I hope it all works out and continues! PS- I now use an external hard drive , and have my blog printed into book form each year. We work way too hard not to save our art and memories:)


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