Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Field Journalling Page

 The Life Book 2015 lesson for this week was by Alisa Burke and it was all about field journalling. Alas, the weather both yesterday and today were about as unsuitable for field journalling as was possible (rain, snow, wind, hail, you name it and we had it!), but fortunately I already had a large collection of feathers in the studio as I'm in inveterate collector and both birds and chickens in our garden provide me with plenty of them. So they were the models for the page. No mention of techniques as this is a paid-for class but I did vary it slightly by using watercolours with sparkle (sadly not visible on the picture).
The stamping with a vintage French text stamp was also my idea as well as adding that gorgeous butterfly postage stamp. I feel a visit to the postage stamp shop in Edinburgh coming up as I'm running out of those wonderful butterfly ones from the Republic of Guinea. I probably won't find the exact same ones again but there will be other treasures, I just know it!
 I also need to be on the lookout for new permanent markers. I used a black Scarlet Lime one but sadly they are no longer being made so the hunt for an alternative is on.


Jewels said...

This is wonderful Frieda - love how you did the feathers and the background. I know what you mean about the weather - 2 inches of new snow on the ground when I opened the door this morning!!!!! Winter still clinging on here :(

ColourFly said...

Frieda, this is a amazing page! Love it so much.
I was looking a long time for a really waterproof ink for my mix media painting. After all I found the super5 ink. You can use it in a fountain pen and the ink is really waterproof even if I brush gel medium over it.

Leslie said...

I *really* like this page. The colors, the feathers, the stamp. Especially the feathers, tho. Must try drawing some with yours as inspiration.


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