Saturday, 14 March 2015

Gelli Paper Prints

While painting fabric on the gelli plate (see yesterday's post) I always have some paper on standby to mop up the paint with, as it seems a shame to waste what is quite a pricey commodity. So I roll off my brayer on paper and put paint covered stencils on top. I usually find that eventually I try and design those papers too, once they are well on the way to be completely covered! I just love those much more random results and am particularly pleased with the paper on the far right above. I will probably scan that one into the computer and print it out onto fabric to use. When I posted the fabrics from yesterday many people remarked on my circle prolifiration and yes, circles are "my thing".  Above you see one side of all the papers.
And here are the backs. Usually I made them double sided so that I can use them in journal and book making. I'm blogging and blipping early today and with these papers, as I will be spending a considerable amount of time in the car and I'm finding that trying to find a blip while driving is not that conducive to safe travelling. So although I will have my camera with me (as always!) and will try and grab pictures when I see something worthwhile, I'm taking the pressure of myself, to come up with at least one great picture for my blip, which will enable me to enjoy both the drive and the talk I'm going to attend.

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Anonymous said...

I love your papers, they are so bright and cheerful


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