Thursday, 26 March 2015

Not Sew Good

Years ago when we first moved here I was in the habit of visiting auctions (very dangerous!) and whenever an old Singer came up for sale and no one bought i,t I felt morally obliged to put in a bit for these old, sturdy machines. In the case of this one the actual sewing machine was long gone and only the hull and table left. I think I paid about a fiver. Of course we didn't have room to put them all inside the house and in fact quite a few were passed on to other deserving owners but this one ended up outside in the courtyard and serves as a plant stand in the summer.
Wind and weather have taken their toll and it's anyone's guess how long this will remain upright but it seemed a good subject for the Derelict Thursday challenge on the Blipfoto site.

There is good news (at least that seems to be the general consensus) on the Blipfoto saga as the site has been bought out of liquidation by two American venture capitalists, also involved with Polaroid. It means that the site will continue although there will undoubtedly be changes of which so far we know nothing. I have said, and continue to say, that while the site is up and running I will continue to post my daily photograph there but have to admit that my blip mojo is in hiding. Whereas in the past I went out on regular photo expeditions with no other purpose than to find that daily picture I now simply carry a camera whenever I go out somewhere and try and capture something, which is not the same thing. But it might be the same situation as when my art mojo disappears. That always returns very quickly and for no apparent reason other than that I keep on arting regardless, so I will continue to photograph in the hope that too will bring back my enthousiasm for taking pictures.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I agree with you, that it might be the same situation as when your art mojo disappears. The idea to just keep carrying on, none-the-less, is certainly the way to go. Then you will be at the ready so to speak when inspiration strikes again! I'm with you :0)) I am doing a bit less blip and art these days, but what I am doing is keeping my hand in it and keeping me satisfied! xo hugs and wishes for more spring flowers...

Linda Kunsman said...

Lucky you to find these old machines for a good price! They tend to be pricey here but we did get one that hubby made a table out of and another he made a bench out of as the machines were either unrepairable or only partially in place.


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