Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Bit Bedraggled

It's hard to imagine that only last week we were able to sit in the sunshine outside. One week on and today it's wet, windy and cold. And thus a good studio day! But despite the weather things are happening outside. This blue hyacinth has popped up in the garden, probably planted in it's little corner after arriving here in a spring basket of bulbs last year. It smells wonderful.

And the mahonia has started to flower too, providing a welcome flash of yellow in among the wetness.

I had a lovely day yesterday visiting the Needle and Thread exhibition on at the moment in the Museum Room  (the same room as my 52 Journals exhibition last August/September) in the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery in Peebles with a friend. Lots to see and enjoy and I recommend a visit. The exhibition is still on till May 9.

Then we went shopping which proved to be so much more fun together than it would have been by oneself! Lunch and tea were also included. All in all a hugely enjoyable day, and getting out of the studio is always invigorating.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love the mahonia, so interesting. And what fun to have a day out at an exhibition with lunch & shopping!! Not to mention revisiting the Tweeddale Museum :o))


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