Saturday, 25 April 2015

Spring Fever

This was an utterly bonkers day due to the good news from yesterday . It found me ironing on 54 Bondawebbed circles while swinging a red hot iron in the air and dancing to The Very Best of Italian Pop Songs while singing along at full volume. Don't try this at home, or just maybe you should! It was great fun and I only had one circle the wrong way up and thus attached it to my iron. Fortunately these moments weren't captured on camera! Although I have to say I wish I could bottle the accompanying feeling so I can uncap it and take a huge sniff when times are harder. I'm not on cloud 9 at the moment but way, way above that!
 Up into that wild blue yonder that you can see above. There was a cold wind but I never noticed it!
Those prayer flags work! And how! Sorry to tease you all. I'm just building up levels of excitement as I'm high as a kite at the moment. 
I wandered in that state through the garden where everything was more than just rosy. Our one fritillaria meleagris is in flower. These were meant to spread but I guess they're not in the mood this year as only one remains. And as you can see at the top the more common orange crown imperial (fritillaria imperialis) is now in full flower too.
 On the plus side (and today that's the only side going) it looked amazing against the sky.
 It has rained a bit this morning which set off the alchemilla mollis (Lady's Mantle) perfectly.

And seeing we're mad as hatters (no, that's not true, one person remained pretty sensible)  it was the perfect day to plant a black bamboo. First requirement: shelter! Sorry, no can do in our garden. We did the best we could, planting it in the lee of the summerhouse but for the rest it's on it's own. Having bamboo in the garden has been one of my desires and this is a day on which all of them seem to be coming true.
Love seeing the shape of those delicate leaves through the window. 

And then, only minutes ago, I had another phone call with more good news. That really send me into the stratosphere and I intend to take up residence there for the foreseeable future. I promise all will be revealed tomorrow. That is if I can persuade myself it's all true and not some fantastic dream I've been living in. In the meantime I feel some more spring feverish madness coming on. Back to the Italian pop songs!

Finally remember those books where the principal person lives one day over and over, well given a choice I would very much like to live this one over, and over, and over again! 


Jewels said...

Oh my Frieda - the suspense for all of us - can't wait to hear your awesome news - it certainly comes through your post that you are VERY excited.... :)

Linda Kunsman said...

First of all I can just picture you dancing around with iron in hand:):) What an explosion of joy in this post-and that alone makes me very happy for you-and intrigued. Yes, how nice it would be to be able to bottle some of that up...


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