Thursday, 16 April 2015

The First Butterfly

I spotted the first butterfly of the season today. Sadly she proved elusive for photography purposes but I have captured the moment in art and you will see that one of these days.
The daffodils are easier to capture and they posed for me in all that glory. It was a beautifully sunny day (the forecast got it completely wrong, hurray!) and although we did have overnight frost the temperatures soon warmed up.
 Dogs, art supplies and I all moved onto the terrace. Such a treat.
The daffodils are at their very best. After bowing down in the overnight freezing temperatures they righted themselves very quickly and then put on their frilliest show.


Linda Kunsman said...

stunning photos Frieda!!! I have yet to see a butterfly this season, and my eye is out for my first hummingbird too. However, I did see my first big fuzzy carpenter bee and that made me smile.

Marie said...

Wow, your photography just gets better and better! These look glorious...gotta love that sunshine streaming through from the background. It's like pure happiness shining through, isn't it?


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