Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Little Things

I've called this piece The Little Things because that was the title for this week's Life Book 2015 class. The lesson was by Tamara Laporte, the organizer of Life Book. Part of the reason why I am doing the Life Book classes this year was to learn to draw faces although I'm not as keen on very sweet ones as Tam is. But there was no need to worry. Most of mine turn out quite mean and moody! Just hope there is no subliminal message there!.
Underneath all the painting there are written words, now no longer visible, about the little things in life I most appreciate. They are now virtually invisible but I know they are there. I like such hidden art journalling because it offers the opportunity to write what you want to without taking into consideration that people can read it.
I kept on adding things to this page (sized 9 x 12") so it's just as well to upload it now and I can put it away without further fussing with the details. And as per usual this is a paid-for class that is under copyright so no information about how exactly it was done, but the face, needless to say, was never meant to be realistic. Wish I had that kind of hair though!


Sue Marrazzo said...

AWESOME colors! LOVE your style!

ColourFly said...

Very, very beautiful! Love it. I am just working on mine!
Hugs, Sabine

Linda Kunsman said...

She has a very exotic look-really brilliant job with this portrait Frieda!


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