Friday, 3 April 2015

Transience Book

When I had a recent visitor to the studio this book was one of the things I found when I was tidying up. It was finished quite some time ago back in February but I haven't had time to blog about it yet. And looking at it again inspired me with the desire to make another version, which I'm starting right after writing this. I made the book from the Metamorphosis class by Donna Downey.
 So I won't be saying much about techniques and the like here apart from the fact that it involved calico (muslin in US speak) fabric and something called jointing compound. I consulted with my resident expert and he advised pollyfilla, although I have since discovered it's not quite the same thing. It seems to have worked fine though. I have however found jointing compound since and will use that for my next version.
I used a wide variety of stencils, mainly from Stencilgirl. The stencilled words are all from a stencil designed by Carolyn Dube and I love all the words she has on it. I emphasized some words by circling around it with black. The other writing was done with my own hand and an airbrushing marker.   I used vintage imagery for the image transfers as well as many rubber stamps with quotations.  Images on transparencies were also added.
 I also decided to mix red in with all the neutral colours. 
 And for my theme I went for transience.
The book was finished off with a coat of wax over all the pages and that gives it a wonderful feel, almost like old leather. And I love that it looks like it has lived a long life already with the weathered and fraying edges and the grunge look of the pages.
Above is the back of the book and for the rest the pictures above are all the pages in the order they appear in the book.
 Of course there are pages I'm happier with than with others and here are the three I like best. 

I'm looking forward very much to making version 2. The great thing about the class is that you get the entire thing as a download so you can keep it forever and watch it all again whenever you feel like it.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love it, Frieda! Looks so very textural and I love the tones. My favorite page is also one of your favorites - with the photo of the woman. Very lovely!

abby j said...

What an incredible work of the texturing and the seemingly random designs. It all works beautifully. Bravo, YOU!!
Sending hugs to you and your resident expert!! :)

Leslie said...

Your book is marvelous, came out very well. I bought that class also but haven't done it yet, still thinking about a theme. Not happy with the fact that it's one long video with no way to go to a specific section other than to note what minute it's at and fast forward.

Linda Kunsman said...

Not your typical very colorful style but I do love this equally Frieda! Great combination and balance of colors and texture.


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