Sunday, 17 May 2015

Rise Spread

While I was still playing in my shed yesterday I discovered that the new prompts were posted on The Documented Life Project 2015 site. We're continuing with the May theme of Touchy Feely texture. The Art Challenge for this week is: Modelling Paste, and the Journalling Prompt: Rising to the Occasion. So I decided to grab my Dylusions journal and make a start on the spread since I was surrounded by my supplies anyway. I started with light modelling paste through a Stencilgirl Club stencil.(it was the large peacock stencil from January 2014). I used the entire stencil on both pages. I then added watered down acrylic paints in various green, blue and yellow colours. Flower images from a paper napkin were glued on using matte medium.
 I then grabbed the large Batik stencil, also from Stencilgirl, and used selected areas from that stencil to add crosses, little squares and spirals to the page in pink and blue acrylics, finishing by added green slightly raised spirals with Radiant Gel from Colourarte.
Then I started searching through my large stash of images, cut from magazines, catalogues and the like, and came up with the image of a roaring stallion (no idea if it is, but that's what I want it to be!), as well as images to compliment it. One of them is that old favourite, a butterfly stamp from Guinea. I'm pleased to say I have been able to replenish my stash of them and have a full set in all the colours. It seems to have become the leitmotiv of this sketchbook.
Above you can see that the raised texture of the light modelling paste is still clearly visible, even after adding all those layers.
I found a suitable vintage quotation to finish off the spread and I also added outlining with both black and white markers. I usually make the pages to fit into my planner but I enjoyed making this one on a spread in my Dylusions journal which is what The Documented Life 2015 artists are using themselves too. It gives more scope for experimentation. I might print the spread off and add the picture to my planner though in order not to have a bare page there.


peggy gatto said...

You are a master of color!

Jewels said...

Lovely Frieda - the texture is wonderful

Linda Kunsman said...

another fabulously painted, stenciled, layered, collaged journal spread Frieda!


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