Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Blue Poppies in Dawyck

It was lovely and sunny this morning and as I needed to buy a birthday present and card, I went to Dawyck Botanical Gardens. My visit was well timed as it coincided with the time the blue poppies (meconopsis) are at their best so I went for a long walk and concentrated on them for my photography.

The rhododendrons are slowly getting there, with some already in full flower although the rhododendron and azalea walk will take a bit more time before it is at it's best. The enormous rhododendron shown below is in fact just outside the garden itself.
On the way back I stopped at a new art gallery recently opened in Broughton in the same old church where the John Buchan centre used to be. It proved to be a very  lovely and tempting place, called Hillhouse Gallery, and I came home with a very good idea of what someone might like to buy me for my birthday as well as a gorgeous mug that I might show you here on this blog one day soon. If you're passing it's more than worthwhile to pop in!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

such incredible pictures and I can imagine you there more easily now! Thank you for bringing me there last September : )

Linda Kunsman said...

I think you might know now how much I LOVE!! poppies! Not only are my neighbor's gorgeous Oriental red poppies blooming, but a fellow blogger shared her purple poppies, and now these beautiful blue ones...color me happy!


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