Saturday, 13 June 2015

Embellished Cuff

It was the last meeting of Thistle Quilters and we were all asked to wear a hand made accessory. I started my cuff quite a long time ago. It's loosely (very loosely!) based on a cuff I discovered in the Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine from summer 2009 in an article named A Passion for Scraps by Sarah Alford. It must have lingered in my memory as I managed to lay my hand on the right issue of the magazine as soon as I thought of making it. 
I have been clearing out my studio of all the stuff I never anticipate using again (only to make way for new supplies, you understand!) and all the samples I made for my City & Guilds Embroidery course back in the early nineties just had to go. However I found it hard to simply add them to the black bin liner of rejects so instead I thought about ways to re-use or as the term is nowadays up cycle them. And this is one of the results. The background fabric is entirely made of one of the samples. I added the black lace as well as the extensive beading. The clasp (see top picture) was an Etsy buy.
It's very wearable for me as once on, it doesn't move about on my wrist because I made it exactly to measure. So it doesn't get in the way when stitching! And it looks quite lovely too.


Sue Marrazzo said...

What a cool PIECE of Jewelry!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Frieda, I wish I had been there to see it. Carol L


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